Public Participation Meeting on Transit Funding Priorities

When: Wednesday, 20 March, 3PM
Where: Centennial Hall
What: Have your say on the city’s priorities for provincial and federal transit funding: anyone can speak for up to 5 minutes.


SoHo Thames Valley Corridor — Community Open House #2

Provide input to the City of London at the second Community Open House regarding the SoHo Thames Valley Corridor Project

When: Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Where: Goodwill Industries Building (255 Horton St, 3rd floor)


Have some thoughts to share?

Please forward your questions, comments and suggestions to Eric Conway in Parks Planning & Design by phone at (519) 661-CITY (2489) ext. 4288, by fax at (519) 963-1483, or by email at

Nominations for the Board


David Lundquist

I am a resident of the Community since 2011 and a homeowner. SoHo is a wonderful community, and it is important that we work together. The Community Association can be a conduit for getting residents achieving a common good for all. As a resident I have only realized the SoHo Community Association during the last year and note that most of my neighbors are yet unaware this group of volunteers exists.

As President I want to:

  • Increase the level of local participation and community involvement by expanding the volunteer base of the organization.
  • Expand fund-raising efforts to ensure the association can fund community BBQ’s and other events.
  • Promote heritage awareness across the community
  • Build an inclusive association that welcomes participation by all residents including homeowners and renters including those in public housing.
  • Work on expanding initiatives such as community gardens and food security.
  • Work with the many artists and local entrepreneurs in the community to build positive spaces and community support.
  • Ensure harmonious relations with City Hall and the community with an emphasis on quality of life issues and sustainable development.

James Shelley

James Shelley is a research coordinator and administrator at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University. On the side, he is also a group fitness instructor with GoodLife Fitness. He previously worked at the Canadian Mental Health Association prior to becoming a staff member at Western. At present, James sits on the boards of the London Public Library and Literacy Links South Central. James has lived in the same house in SoHo since 2004: he and his family love the neighbourhood and can’t imagine living anywhere else.


Leia Beland

I would like to apply for the position of vice president for the SoHo neighbourhood association. I have lived in SoHo with my husband and our five kids for six years, (though my husband has been here for 14 years).

I am a social worker who works as the family advocate in training at LIFE*SPIN and I have a long history of community organizing. I am also a trained grant writer. I have a lot of ideas about how to support the great stuff that is already happening in SoHo ( fruit trees, community gardens, the slave chapel, etc)

And I would be a dedicated board member.

Dan Doroshenko

I am a property owner at 553 Hill Street and have been an active member of the community association since 2013. I worked with past president Cheri McLeod to implement the SoHo Street Market in conjunction with the Ivey School of Business.

Currently, I represent the Urban League on two city advisory councils: Cycling; and Outstanding London Ambassador Awards. Additionally, I work with other city of London departments including: Trails Advisory Group; London Celebrates Cycling Events; and NeighbourGood London initiatives such as Walk To Shop and Active & Green. And I am also a member of the Byron Community Organization and Lambton Shores Community Association.

As a resident, I worked on community opposition against a proposed development that included participation in Peer Panel Review Process, and successful presentations to both the Planning & Environment Committee and City Council that lead to unanimous votes against the requested zoning change. Recently, I testified at the OMB hearing which lead to a successful, no-appeal ruling against the developer and their proposal. I also participate in the annual Emergency Preparedness Week program and assist ReForest London in their programs in both SoHo and Byron.

Jessica Justrabo

My experience centres on social services, but I have held a few different positions. Currently, I am the Coordinator of the Circles Program – which is co-lead by Ontario Works and Goodwill Industries. I have previously worked as a Project Manager for the City of London’s “Child and Youth Network”. I am very interested in municipal politics, and I care very much about my community. I have served on the London & Middlesex Partnership for 10 years as the co-chair of the “Justice and Protection Services” sub-committee. I also supported the development and early stages of the Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty, including the public participation meetings.

I have lived and worked in the SoHo Neighbourhood for 3 years now. I desire to support this neighbourhood’s development in any way I can. I am very interested in serving as the VP of the neighbourhood association alongside some incredible Londoners who care about the development.


Laurie Bursch

As the long-time vice president of the SoHo Community Association, I’m delighted to step down from this role – it’s time for new blood. However, I believe that organizational memory is important; in that spirit, I’m standing for the role of SoHo treasurer. While you likely know me as a communications professional, I bring training from university-level courses in accounting and finance, experience in bookkeeping, and three years as high school “mathlete.”

I look forward to continuing to serve our community.

Nancy Hamm

I am the current treasurer of the Soho Community Association and an Area Coordinator of Neighbourhood Watch I would like to reapply for my position as treasurer. I have been with the organization since the beginning.

There are no applications for the position of Recording Monitor/Secretary at this time.

Election Night in SoHo – Thursday, February 21, 2019

7:00 pm at Childreach – 265 Maitland at Horton

In addition to the broad outlines found on the website (, these are the day-to-day operational duties for board members:

• Liaison with all other community organizations, city departments, and member agencies
• Also a member of the Urban League (each community group is only allowed one voting member at a monthly meeting), the Centre of Hope Community Council (quarterly meetings), and the London Community Foundation Back to the River Committee (meetings as required)
• Sets agendas
• Plans activities and events with the board
• Develops grant applications

Vice President
• Back up to the president attending other meetings and events should the president be unable to attend
• Accompany president (when possible) to meetings with city or other agencies
• Assists with planning activities and writing grant applications

• Maintains bank accounts, making deposits and withdrawals as needed
• Pays invoices as required
• Assists with budgeting for events
• Assists with creating budgets for grant applications

Recording Monitor (Secretary)
• Takes minutes of monthly meetings and posts
• Maintains web page with assistance of webmaster
• Maintains FaceBook and Twitter accounts
• Assists with writing grant applications

We also need to store the physical property of the association – giant garden games, a bubble machine, other toys and games, tables, pop-up tents, and coolers that were part of the market.

Please apply by indicating the position you are interested in and provide a couple of paragraphs outlining your relevant experience by midnight, Monday, February 18, 2019. Applicant information will be posted here 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Send applications to: