Big Bike Giveaway – Coming to Soho on September 13

The Big Bike Giveaway team is preparing to give away 500 bicycles in one day — and it’s happening on Sunday, September 13 at our very own Meredith Park!

Curious to learn more? Want to get involved? Come and chat with the organizers, Monica and Shayne, who will be joining us at our free Soho Coffee Social on March 15 (2 PM to 3 PM) at Edgar + Joe’s Cafe.

Do you have an old bike to donate so that it can be repaired/refurbished and given to someone who needs it? Email!

Soho Coffee Socials at Edgar + Joe’s Café

Thanks to the generous support of Edgar + Joe’s Café, we are thrilled to invite Soho residents and friends to a monthly coffee social:

  • Meet your neighbours, see old friends
  • Informal conversations – no agenda
  • Free coffee and treats (Thanks, Edgar + Joe’s Café!)

Soho Coffee Social Schedule:

Sunday, March 15, 2-3 PM (1-2 PM Hear Here Walking Tour: Underground Railway – Ariel Beaujot) [CANCELLED due to COVID19]
Sunday, April 19, 2-3 PM (1-2 PM Hear Here Walking Tour: The Hospital Lands – Michelle A. Hamilton) [CANCELLED due to COVID19]
Sunday, May 24, 2-3 PM [CANCELLED due to COVID19]
Sunday, June 14, 2-3 PM [CANCELLED due to COVID19]

👉 So that we can provide Edgar + Joe’s Café with numbers for catering, please email by Tuesday, March 10 if you are planning on joining us at the March 15 social.

All Soho Coffee Socials at Edgar + Joe’s Café at 255 Horton Street (on the main floor of the Goodwill Industries building, just west of Wellington)

Have You Joined the LOCAL Movement?

An Opinion Piece by Teresa Rutten

We are in changing times. No longer can we expect inexpensive & easily accessible energy sources. This is why supporting LOCAL is incredibly important. We are witnessing conflict across & between nations competing for non-renewable resources. As well as the avoidable consequences in polluting our air, land & waterways in the transportion of various items which were once produced & ARE frequently produced locally.

For those interested in RE-LOCALIZING food production, here is a list of exciting events and resources. Please add to the list in the comment section and share with residents in SoHo not on social media.

  • List of London’s Community Gardens & locations. There are plots available in SoHo’s Meredith Park!
  • Sat., March 7th from 8:15 am – 10 am – Fruit Tree Care Workshop – meeting next to Carling Heights Community Garden (see map in above link). We will be looking at mature trees, trees planted in 2014 & newly planted trees from London’s Neighbourhood Decision Making Process 2018.

Be sure to explore SoHo’s orchard in Meredith Park, which has the following species: apple, pear, peach, plum, persimmon, sweet and sour cherry, jubjube, almond, hazelnut, heartnut, pecan, paw paw, hascap & currant.

  • Sat., March 7th from 10 am – 3 pm There will be a variety of INSPIRATIONAL vendors, workshops & environmental groups on site.
  • Thurs., March 12 from 7 – 9 pm – Fruit Tree Maintenance – Gardening in the City 2020 – Central Library 1st Floor – Lawson Foundation Room
  • Sat., April 18th from 9:30-4:30 pm – Grow Wild Grow Green Expo – Western Fair Agriplex – 845 Florence St. Lots of INSPIRATIONAL vendors, workshops & environmental groups!
  • Sat. May 9th, 10 am in SoHo’s Meredith Park – via London’s Neighbourhood Decision Making Process – FREE Give Away of perennial fruit bearing plants (apple, pear, persimon, peach, apricot, goumi, gojji, haskap, gooseberry, currant, grape, hardy kiwi, raspberry & rhubarb.) Recipients of plants agree to nurture, share the harvest, attempt to propogate plants for sharing, share successes & challenges on Friends of Urban Agriculture and or Forage City London Fb., so as to optimize the harvest.

Our public library has a variety of excellent books and DVD’s to spark the imagination in creating healthy, diverse ecosystems, which feed humans and our stressed pollinators – Two of my favorites “Gaia’s Garden” written by Toby Hemenway & Food Not Lawns – How to turn your yard into a garden and your neighbourhood into a community by Heather C. Flores.

For those living in or within walking or cycling distance to SoHo, beginning the end of June or beginning of July i am happy to lead a “Family friendly harvesting of local FREE berries . Please email me, if you wish to take part.

Cheap energy has allowed us to access to diverse products from afar, yet it has also DESTROYED a local economy based on food production, processing & storage. By sourcing local & seasonal, we can re-build a local food economy and ensure greater access to healthy foods.

By Teresa Rutten
216 Waterlo St.

Recommendations on the Old Victoria Hospital Lands coming before Corporate Services Committee

At the February 18, Corporate Services Committee, the following recommendations will be brought forward in consent items, as city staff request that the following actions be taken:

a) the City owned lands, shown on Appendix “A”, BE DECLARED surplus;

b) the City owned lands (“Surplus Lands”) BE DISPOSED OF in compliance with the City’s Sale and Other Disposition of Land Policy via a tender process;

c) the Civic Administration BE DIRECTED to undertake a tender process for the “Surplus Lands” for the purposes of redevelopment and the adaptive reuse of the Health Services Building and the 1922 portion of the War Memorial Children’s Hospital; and

d) the Civic Administration BE DIRECTED to undertake a City initiated Zoning By-law amendment consistent with the policies of the Old Victoria Lands Secondary Plan.

Those interested in learning more about the process and recommendation should consult the full report for further background, context, and details.

From Appendix A (lands to be declared surplus):

The zoning for the Old Victoria Hospital Lands Secondary Plan currently looks like this (see Appendix B in the report):