SoHo Fire Lights Up Downtown London

At 2 a.m. on May 25, 1905, one of London’s most spectacular fires lit up the skies of downtown London. That fire was at Dyment-Baker Lumber, on the northeast corner of Bathurst and Wellington Streets. Before the fire was contained, some 10 hours later, it also damaged much of the London Machine Tool Company; lumber at the nearby Tambling and Jones yard, and six Michigan Central Railroad freight cars. Three of those cars were filled with agricultural implements valued at several thousand dollars. Sadly, sparks from the fire also destroyed a frame house at 318 York Street. Neighbors did manage to rescue the contents before the home was completely gutted by the fire. Continue reading “SoHo Fire Lights Up Downtown London”

SoHo Community Garden

In Spring of 2008 the SoHo Community Garden was started adjacent to Meredith Park in SoHo. Sponsored by the City of London and coordinated by the London Community Resource Centre, the community garden is a shared piece of land where people rent garden plots and grow vegetables, fruits and herbs of their choice. Plots are 100% organic and can be rented on a geared-to-income basis, which allows them to be affordable to all. Per season price ranges from $15 to $40 for a 400-square feet plot. If you are interested in becoming a Community Gardener please click here to visit the LCRC website.