Boy Scout Rescues Friend from Abandoned Well

Bert Bryan, 12, of 127 Maitland Street, certainly lived up to his Boy Scout training on a July evening in 1931. In fact, his heroic actions earned him a nomination for a Royal Humane Society medal.

On that July night, Bert, and his friend, Wyburn Footwinkler, age even, were crossing a field adjacent to the Chelsea Green playgrounds. The younger boy, deciding to take a shortcut, plunged into an uncovered, abandoned well. Safety measures were obviously a little more lax in the Thirties than they are in 2009! Continue reading “Boy Scout Rescues Friend from Abandoned Well”

When a Prince Stayed in SoHo

Photo courtesy of the London Free Press Collection
Edward Glackmeyer’s palatial Italianate mansion was located at 55 Bathurst Street,
playing host to Prince Arthur on his visit in 1869.

With the wedding of Prince William and his delightful Kate approaching, perhaps it’s time to recall the two members of the British royal family who briefly called SoHo home. (second article to follow) Continue reading “When a Prince Stayed in SoHo”