ReForest London is delighted to share our upcoming Neighbourhood Tree Depots with you. This month, we are doing free tree giveaways for London families with children under the age of 18. We have secured special funding this year to partner with kids and their families to plant trees here in the Forest City, and we are excited to provide children with the opportunity to connect with nature and plant trees for a leafy future. 

At this time, this tree giveaway is only eligible for families with children under the age of 18 and is only offered to London residents. Due to COVID-19, all trees must be pre-ordered through our online form and picked up at Reforest London Offices (944 Western Counties Road). Pick-up dates will be from May 12th to May 20th, so order quickly before we run out! You can find more information and order your trees at

Attached is a poster with some of the information about these depots. Please share this with any other organizations or families in your networks who may be interested. You can also find posts on our Facebook page and Instagram to share! 
Thank you and Happy Spring! 

Warm regards, 

Rachel Rensby (she/her)
Planting Program Coordinator 
ReForest London
519-936-9548 x 229