Please see below for a message from Patti and Sydney, students at King’s College (Western University) who are working on a class assignment about community development. If you would like to participate, Patti and Sydney are conducting a survey of SoHo residents.

Hello, London SoHo Community
We are social work students at King’s College, Western University here in London. Part of our studies is a class on community development with an assignment looking at various communities in London. We are excited to have been assigned your community for a community development assignment for school. Through this project, we are hoping to identify the neighbourhood’s assets, priorities, strengths, goals, and community-building initiatives as well as any other information you would like to share about the London SoHo Community. We are reaching out to you to invite your input about your community through an online survey. We thank you in advance for sharing your experience of living in the London SoHo Community.
Thank you,
Patti and Sydney