SoHo Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday, May 14th, SoHo had its 2013 Annual General Meeting.  Some highlights from the meeting:

  • Jim Yanchula, Manager, City of London Urban Design gave an update on the progress of the Old Victoria Hospital Lands secondary plan.  Three options were presented, each with different levels of density, and emphasizing different features of the area.  A finalized version of the plan will be presented and voted on at an upcoming Planning and Environment Committee meeting.
  • Don Menard, City Heritage Planner, provided an update on the proposal to designate SoHo (or a part thereof) as an official “Heritage District”.  Blackfriars is currently under consideration, and SoHo is next.
  • Oliver Hobson, Joe O’Neil, and Ed Corrigan, Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project provided an overview of this project, which seeks to relocate and preserve a piece of North American history.
  • Julie Misener and Loredana Onesan from Fincore Canada provided an update on the proposed design for the SoHo Wellington Centre.
  • Ezhil Natarajan, the new proprietor of the Canadian Tire store on Horton Street introduced himself and invited the neighbourhood to come to his store for “Jumpstart Day” on May 25th from 11am-3pm.  This year, they will be raising money for the Boys and Girls club of London.
Once again, we wish to thank Maple View Terrace for their hospitality and generousity in letting us use their space and providing refreshments for the meeting.