Possible Grocery Store for SoHo! (A Message from ATN Access and Pathways Skill Development)

Hello, SoHo Community!

ATN Access and Pathways Skill Development are seeking out opportunities to establish a social enterprise in the form of a grocery store.

ATN and Pathways are full employment service agencies that provide job training and assistance for individuals who experience employment barriers. A social enterprise is a business with a social purpose. The social purpose of this business will be to train clients through the operation of this business, so we can provide meaningful employment to people who experience employment barriers, including individuals with learning disabilities or those who are differently abled.

Our research at this point is assessing the possibility of setting up a grocery store in Downtown or Old East Village. This will fulfill our other social purpose, which is to provide the inner city community access to affordable and healthy food on a regular basis.

Please keep in mind, this venture is ongoing and we are still researching many opportunities. We wish to obtain the SoHo community’s input to see the potential of this venture! All of your responses in the attached survey are appreciated by our research team and all surveys will be kept confidential.

Talk Soon, SoHo!