New Website

Welcome to our new website! We hope you find it easy to navigate. A big thank you to Mark Woodward for his upkeep of the old website, and his assistance on building the new one. Thank you Jamie Edwards for designing this fabulous new website. Thanks also to Peter Karas and Laurie Bursch for their input during this process and to Dick and Jane Art for donating web hosting. We are so lucky to have such great folks in the ‘hood.

SoHo Community Association

Welcome to the SoHo Community Association. We are an organization of engaged citizens dedicated to strengthening SoHo in London Ontario and promoting it as a great neighbourhood to live, work, and play in. We are run entirely by volunteers.

SoHo is located in the heart of London, Ontario, Canada. Conveniently located close to Downtown, SoHo is a very walkable community. We are home to several excellent restaurants and have a vibrant arts & culture community. SoHo is ethnically diverse and historically rich, we have an active heritage community and welcome people from all walks of life. SoHo – Discover Where the Heart is!

Boy Scout Rescues Friend from Abandoned Well

Bert Bryan, 12, of 127 Maitland Street, certainly lived up to his Boy Scout training on a July evening in 1931. In fact, his heroic actions earned him a nomination for a Royal Humane Society medal.

On that July night, Bert, and his friend, Wyburn Footwinkler, age even, were crossing a field adjacent to the Chelsea Green playgrounds. The younger boy, deciding to take a shortcut, plunged into an uncovered, abandoned well. Safety measures were obviously a little more lax in the Thirties than they are in 2009! Continue reading “Boy Scout Rescues Friend from Abandoned Well”