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Also, there are also a number of grassroots initiatives springing to life to coordinate neighbourhood and city-wide responses. See below for a few local examples.

The following is a segment from the Urban League of London’s recent newsletter:

Neighbours are not only finding ways to have fun, there are many who are organizing to help folks who are marginalized, elderly, immunocompromised or disabled. Here are some examples you can learn about and support:

  1. Caremongering London, ON – Community & ACTIVIST Responses to Covid-19. The purpose of this group is to organize the local community on the grassroots level to ensure marginalized community members have access to food, housing, healthcare, and other necessities. It is also for the redistribution of resources in the case that stockpiling prevents people from accessing basics. You can also post requests for aid/support here. Please share any opportunities/events that may be helpful to support community members! Find the group here:
  2. London Volunteer Task Force. A student-run volunteer task force who have organized to deliver groceries to those who can’t leave their homes due to the pandemic. Learn more here:
  3. Pledge to Support Local Businesses. Local businesses, and the workers who run them, are being immensely affected by the coronavirus. This pledge is a way you can help support local during this crisis:

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