Minutes – March 16th, 2016


The SoHo Community Association met at 7pm at the London Roundhouse on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016.



Bursch Laurie
Hamm Nancy
Innes Ellen
Edwards Jamie
Lukach Angela
Sharpe Delvis
McCaw Tracy
Graham Gord
Blake Jeffrey
Gauthier Steven
Dunn Kathy
Powers Nancy
Bailey Liz
Gibb Alice
Lemire Celeste


    • Angela called the meeting to order at 7:04pm


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to approve the previous minutes, seconded by Nancy, the motion passed.


    • Angela announced the results of our lamppost survey – dark forest green was chosen as the preferred colour.
    • Jamie gave an update on the market planning, we require seed money to get started on marketing.  Tanya Park has been assisting us in finding a location, she met with Roger Caranci, who suggested reaching out to Mike Small regarding possibly locating the market at the Vic tavern.  Failing that, the preferred locations would be along Horton or Wellington.


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to invest $100 from the SoHo Community Association account towards this year’s market.  Seconded by Nancy, the motion passed.


    • Gord volunteered to hand out flyers to assist the market.
    • Saturday April 23 is the “Thames River Rally” river cleanup.  Need to decide meredith or harrison park.  Early morning, but preferably 10am.  Angela will request that the call for volunteers be sent out in email blast.
    • Nancy powers asked how many show up – Jamie said usually 10-20
    • Ben Vasquez isn’t here, will push his agenda item to the end of the meeting
    • Nancy and Dan gave an update on the SoHo Blues Shindig
      • Things are on hold until we know if we have funding
      • Announcement will be next month
      • The date will be July 17th, Sunday – 2-7pm, richard b harrison
      • We will approach Labatts to see if they will sponsor/work with us
      • Dan gave background on the event (as discussed in previous meetings)
      • Jamie gave an update – Joe O’neil will help by telling stories between musician’s sets.
      • Tracy gave update on food vendors – some may not be available due to rock the park.
      • Manitos + Wrappers are both available.
    • Angela – Canada’s 150th birthday
      • Peter Fragiskatos said there is federal funding available
      • Angela suggested a dinner in the middle of a street
        • One option is down grey street after the slave chapel is restored
      • Send your ideas to Angela (soho.london.ca@gmail.com)
      • Nancy suggested history walk and tea
      • Angela also suggested the idea of a small community fireworks display
      • Dan suggested this could be next year’s sparks grant
      • Alice also mentioned next year is also vic tavern’s 100th
    • Open discussion
    • Laurie mentioned OEV’s history walks
      • On each third wednesday of the month at 2pm and the third sunday of the month at 4pm and will begin at the Southeast corner of Dundas and Adelaide.
      • The walks are free, but a donation to the ACO is appreciated.
    • Alice asked for update on Fincore – half torn down house on South Street.
      • Jamie advised that they have an order to make the building safe, and that the two other buildings that they owned on the North side of the street are now for sale.
    • Celeste asked for a status on the Fugitive Slave Chapel
      • They are still raising funds, but are almost ready to begin the restoration
      • Pathways will be helping out with the construction
    • Burwell street has been renamed to burwell street south, was done in 2003, but nobody was notified
    • Jamie needs to fix the email blast template – address
    • There are no updates on the hospital lands, we can deal with Jesse Helmer as Tanya Park has declared a pecuniary interest
    • Celeste suggested a bulletin board at the goodwill – community bulletin board, could be open to everyone
      • Nancy powers would be happy to provide volunteers
    • Artists’ studio tour is April 15th – 17th, we have three artists in the tour located in SoHo.  Go to http://londonstudiotour.ca/ for more details.
    • A new community association is being formed for downtown, inaugural meeting next week
    • Chelsea green is also possibly forming a CA
    • Steven asked for info about the garden at Beth Emanuel – Jamie put him in touch with Delta.
    • LCRC manages the london community garden – you can book with them
    • Nancy Powers also mentioned that the Centre of Hope is also starting a garden and are looking for volunteers
    • Jeff Blake requested that the association write a letter to the city regarding the noise caused by the electronic dance music festival along York street every year.  Angela will look into it.


  • MOTION:  Alice made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jamie, the motion passed