Minutes – June 15th, 2016


The association met at 7:00pm at Childreach.



Blake Jeffrey
Bursch Laurie
Doroshenko Dan
Doroshenko Gayle
Edwards Jamie
Graham Gord
Hamm Nancy
Lukach Angela
Reeves Nadine
Webster Ariel
McNaughton Andrea
Ghosh Dhira
Armistead Robin
Carr Shelley


    • Angela called the meeting to order at 7:05
    • MOTION:  Jeff made a motion to approve the previous minutes, seconded by Deb, the motion passed.
    • Andrea McNaughton and Dhira Ghosh from the City joined us to speak about the simcoe monument.
      • Embarking on a community consultation process regarding the simcoe school war monument (currently located on Simcoe street in front of Simcoe Gardens).  Hoping to restore it and potentially relocate it.
      • There is no rush, will do due diligence
      • Property of the City of London – the City is responsible for maintenance
      • Some students from the Simcoe school went to war during WW1 and died.  This monument was in memory of them.
      • Jamie offered the assistance of the association in gathering information regarding public sentiment regarding the monument.
      • Potential locations include one of the parks in the neighbourhood or at the Goodwill across the road.
      • Angela requested a progress report in September
    • Although we were originally going to elect a vice president during this meeting, nobody was there to have their name stand.


  • MOTION:  Nancy made a motion to postpone the election of VP, seconded by Gord.  The motion passed.


    • Angela raised the issue of us not being able to continue using the Roundhouse for our meetings.
      • Childreach on Maitland have offered to host us.  They have ample space and their building is fully accessible.
      • The executive will make arrangements and announce the location and time once it is finalized.


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to write a thank you letter to the roundhouse.  Seconded by Deb.  The motion passed.


    • Angela brought up the question of whether or not we should partner with Villager publications
      • It will help to get the word out to people, even if most people don’t read it
      • All of the advertisers would be local businesses (from the neighbourhood)
      • It would be called the “SoHo Villager”
      • It would cost us nothing, paid for by advertising.  We can submit articles and photos for free.


  • MOTION:  Nancy made a motion to approach villager publications, seconded by Deb.  The motion passed.


  • Angela has a plan for a membership drive, and it will revolve around the announcement of the plans for the hospital lands.
  • Market Update
    • Gord suggested cooperating with local businesses
    • Shelley gave an update on the market
      • She assisted last year and is also the market manager for the Southdale Market.
      • She is cross marketing between the two markets.
      • She will contact Heemans about getting strawberries
      • Looking towards starting up June 28th.  We have 4 vendors, aiming for 10.
      • First market week is free.
      • Vegetable vendors are needed.
      • Had an interview with the Free Press, they are mostly focused on licensing issues and delays.
  • Laurie asked when the “Block Party” dance party would be happening
    • Angela said she would find out more information
  • Laurie announced that the city has changed garbage collection to 3 bags (from four).
  • Jamie gave an update on our Libro Prosperity Fund grant
    • We have made it through the first round and will be presenting to Libro tomorrow night
    • The funds would go towards the 2017 market as they are not released until the fall.
    • The aim is to make it self sustaining.  This is a one-time grant, but they are looking for the project to fund itself after the first year.
    • Majority of the costs are marketing, insurance,and capital expenditures.
  • The movie night is this weekend.  Movie will not be able to begin until sunset, so activities have been arranged to entertain people until the movie starts.
  • Jeff announced that a commemorative plaque for the naming of “Richmond Row”
  • MOTION:  At 8:12pm, Shelley made a motion to adjourn, Gord seconded, the motion passed.