Minutes – January 20th, 2016

The SoHo Community Association met on January 20th, 2016 at the London Roundhouse.


Doroshenko Dan
Doroshenko Gayle
Bursch Laurie
Hamm Nancy
Innes Ellen
Powers Nancy
Bellyk Steve
Huffman Craig
Park Tanya
Edwards Jamie
Lukach Angela
Kress Maria
Sharpe Delvis
McCaw Tracy
Graham Gord
Shelley James
Hollingsworth Louise (Guest)
Landowski Beth (Guest)
Donnelly Pat (Guest)


    • Laurie called the meeting to order at 7pm
    • Louise introduced herself and the Great Lakes Blues Society
      • The Great Lakes Blues Society wants to do more in London
      • They feel that it makes sense to use Richard B. Harrison Park due to its history
      • SoHo could make this its signature event
      • They want to call it the SoHo Blues Shindig
      • Expecting up to 200 people the first year
      • Local blues artists are represented
      • Workshops will also take place at the event in addition to the performances
      • Corey Crossman is the new music liason officer at the city and will assist with this project
      • Volunteers would be appreciated, please contact Louise at louiseneighbourhood@gmail.com
      • They have requested a letter of support from the association
      • Proposed date is July 17th


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to write a letter of support, seconded by Nancy.  The motion passed.
  • MOTION:  Approval of previous minutes by Laurie, seconded by Jamie.  The motion passed.


    • Pat Donnelly joined us from the city to give us an update on the Active & Green project
      • Pat introduced the Active & Green program and discussed our agreement with the city for them.  Through this program to drive forward some of our initiatives, such as the possibility of building a natural ampitheatre in Richard B. Harrison park
      • 20 people were present for the community meeting in November
      • Pat told us about the Community Car Share program, a few locations will be present in the neighbourhood
      • They will be bringing forth a letter of collaboration, whereby the association agrees to work with the city on these projects – expected hopefully for next month’s meeting
      • One item of interest was a “house tune-up”, a workshop explaining ways we can reduce energy usage in our homes
        • Pat will supply a map showing natural gas usage in our neighbourhood, Jamie will post it on the website.
        • They would like to focus on a few blocks to send a letter to areas where the energy usage is high
    • Jamie made a call for any other members (besides Angela Lukach, who has already provided her nomination in writing) who would have their name stand for the position of president.


  • MOTION:  Seeing only one member who would have their name stand for the position, Jamie made a motion to confirm Angela Lukach as the new president of the association by way of acclamation.  Seconded by Nancy.  The motion passed.


    • Jamie brought forward a communication from the Urban League indicating that our yearly membership is due and will cost $100.
      • They have also requested a tentative (non-binding) list of events planned for the year which require insurance.
      • Nancy indicated that we have in excess of $700 in the bank account and are able to pay for this expenditure.
      • After discussion among the members, it was agreed that we will indicate to the league that we will require insurance for the SoHo picnic, tentatively fixing the date for August 28th.


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to renew the membership at a cost of $100.  Seconded by Laurie.  The motion passed.


    • Jamie brought forward a communication from Ryan Craven from the City.  In cooperation with the League, he has created a facebook group for community associations.
      • It’s to facilitate communications outside of urban league meetings
      • Two volunteers from each association are required
      • Angela and Jamie volunteered
    • Councillor Park told us about the ward 13 “ward table” she is forming
      • This will allow various groups within the neighbourhood to support each other and also allow more direct communication with our councillor
      • Will be a charter to establish the expectations between the stakeholders and Councillor Park
      • Meetings would be quarterly
      • Laurie volunteered to be the representative.  Maria volunteered to be an alternate.


  • MOTION:  Angela made a motion to appoint Laurie and Maria, seconded by Jamie.  The motion passed.


    • We will begin planning the 2016 market soon and will need volunteers.  Will send an appeal for volunteers to the mailing list.
    • The deadline for the Sparks grant is approaching.  
    • There had been some discussion that we should pursue a Sparks grant for park improvements in Richard B. Harrison park.
      • Angela volunteered.


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to permit Angela to complete the grant application for the park improvements on behalf of the association.  Seconded by Nancy, the motion passed.


    • At the most recent Urban League meeting, the topic of Directors and Board Insurance was brought up.  
      • It was recommended that directors of nonprofits should have this as an extra layer of liability protection.
      • Jamie volunteered to look into it and bring forward our options at the next association meeting.
    • Angela suggested the idea of having a neighbourhood-wide garage sale instead of Junk in the Trunk this year.
      • Gord suggested the idea of partnering with other neighbourhood associations for this
    • Gord suggested we see if we can proactively help applicants to the RFP for the former hospital lands who we support.


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to adjourn at 7:57pm, seconded by Maria, the motion passed