Minutes – February 17th, 2016

The SoHo Community Association met on February 17th, 2016 at the London Roundhouse.



Bursch Laurie
Hamm Nancy
Innes Ellen
Edwards Jamie
Lukach Angela
Kress Maria
McCaw Tracy
Landowski Beth (Guest)
O’Hagan Britt (Guest)


    • Angela called the meeting to order at 7:07


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to approve the previous minutes, seconded by Nancy, the motion passed.


    • Britt O’Hagan joined us from the city to talk about the Four Corners project
      • The city is still in the RFP process for the adjoining lands
      • The city is developing the streets to prepare for revitalization
      • Last year, Colborne St. was rebuilt
      • The corner of Colborne/South is called the “Four Corners”
      • Mixed residential/commercial use
      • South street to Wellington will be the “South Street Promenade”, with enhanced pavement pattern, similar to the treatment on Colborne.
      • The city will be building some unique lampposts with banner arms and possibly banners
      • Downtown and Hyde Park have similar banners
      • The project is going out for tender within a couple of weeks
      • Jamie suggested putting out a survey to the members, forwarding the results to the city


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to create a survey and send it out to our mailing list, providing four options (Black, Gold, Deep Green, Blue, from the provided handout), seconded by Laurie, the motion passed


      • Jamie will provide details of the infrastructure renewal project to Maria
    • The Great Lakes Blues society has applied for a $5000 sparks grant for the shindig
      • Looking at the sunday following rock the park – July 17th
      • Volunteers are needed, please contact louise at louiseneighbourhood@gmail.com
      • First meeting was last week on Monday
    • Pathways are going ahead with a mural project on the side of a building in the neighbourhood that they have acquired
      • They are applying for a SPARKS grant to fund the project
      • Volunteers are needed to paint it
      • The building is located on Horton st across from the Boys and Girls club
      • The mural will be located on the west wall of the building
    • Jamie gave an update on the SoHo Market
      • Change of day to Tuesdays
      • Change of location, hoping to find space at Horton/Waterloo
      • Jamie spoke to Jeff Preston, who teaches a nonprofit marketing course at Fanshawe.  He may be able to get students to help us with a marketing plan.
    • Cheri’s going away party
      • Thursday the 18th at 7:30 at the restored Victoria Tavern (at South/Maitland)
    • Jamie has spoken to the urban league to get the discussion going on possibly working together to purchase Directors and Board insurance to reduce costs.
    • Angela introduced an idea – “SoHo Day”
      • The idea was brought forward to have a neighbourhood wide yard sale
      • There would be a map with all of the sales
      • In the afternoon there would be a community event
      • Can’t do June 4th – OEV is then
      • We need to also consider Old South, we don’t want to conflict with Gathering on the Green.
      • There’s the opportunity to work with Ryan Craven on his book launch
      • Pictures at day, movie at night – Beth from the city can help with reserving the screen, etc.
      • We could sell hot dogs, hamburgers
      • Volunteers for the subcommittee – Laurie, Nancy
      • We can solicit more volunteers via email
      • First meeting will be March 21 at 7pm at Nancy’s house (354 Hill)
    • Nancy and Angela went to a presentation by Libro on the prosperity fund
      • They have grants available to food security initiatives
      • The money wouldn’t be available until next year, but we could use it for the market in 2017
      • The money could be used as seed funds to expand our operations
      • There is also potential funding available through Padre Frank Mantz, who is a trustee for an organization with an endowment of $300k who are seeking organizations to make donations to.  The market subcommittee will explore this further.
    • We discussed additional possible sources of grants to get funding for the market and other projects
    • Angela introduced the 100 houses project.  The Salvation Army is undertaking a project to find permanent homes for 100 of their emergency shelter bed users.  http://www.lfpress.com/2015/10/16/salvation-army-centre-of-hope-executive-director-nancy-powers-stands-outside-of-the-wellington-street-help-centre-in-london for more details.  Those who wish to participate should contact the Salvation Army.
    • Laurie noted that Nancy makes damn good squares and requested that it be entered in the minutes


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Nancy, the motion passed