Minutes – 2016 Annual General Meeting

On May 18th, 2016, the members of the SoHo Community Association met for the Annual General Meeting.



Addie Linda
Amelt Michael
Blake Jeffrey
Botten Barb (Guest)
Bursch Laurie
Doroshenko Dan
Doroshenko Gayle
Dunn Kathy
Dziadura Holly
Elmadhoon Maged (Guest)
Garlick Corinne
Gibb Alice
Graham Gord
Hamm Nancy
Harrison Dean
Innes Ellen
Justrabo Jessica
Kipfer Jason
Lukach Angela
McCaw Tracy
Rains Julie
Sharpe Delvis
Wilken Nik
Wilken Jessica
Wood Cathy (Guest)
Yanchula Jim (Guest)


    • Angela called the meeting to order at 7:05
    • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to approve the previous minutes, seconded by Dan, the motion passed.
    • Christine Dirks from Pathways joined us to tell us about their mural project
      • It’s a neigbourhood beautification project
      • Funded by sparks, about strengthening neighbourhoods
      • Located at 195 horton, a nondescript one storey building across from boys & girls
      • An initiative (to be announced) will be housed there
      • The mural will be located on the west wall (facing Richmond st.)
      • Input from the public is welcome
      • Dick & Jane art (from the neighbourhood) will be working with them
      • It will be driven by the community
      • Christine will be forwarding some questions to members of the Association
      • The mural will be seen mostly by traffic, they are looking for something simple & powerful
      • They are currently seeking inkind donations from the community – goods & services
      • They have also applied through deluxe painting to have the paint donated
      • The project begins now, to be finished by the end of august
    • Nancy (Treasurer) gave the financial update


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion to forego conducting a financial audit engagement, seconded by Nancy, the motion passed unanimously.


    • Maged Elmadhoon joined us from the city’s transportation planning department to talk to us about the conversion of South and Grey streets to two-way operation.
      • Maged gave a presentation
      • In June of 2011 The SoHo Community Plan was adopted by council, this is the guiding document which informs this initiative.
      • Transportation planning completed a Transportation Impact Analysis study which would identify any impacts up to the year 2027
      • It is proposed to make Grey two-way all the way to Richmond
      • Left turns would be prohibited from South street on to Wellington.
      • They will be going to the civic works committee with a recommendation (likely in July)
      • It would be helpful if we could write a letter of support


  • MOTION:  Jamie made a motion that we write a letter of support for this project, seconded by Laurie, the motion passed.


  • Jim Yanchula, manager of urban regeneration from the city came to gave us an update on the secondary plan for the hospital lands and surrounding area.
    • We first look at the SoHo Community Improvement Plan (CIP), which encompasses the whole neighbourhood and drives policy from a high level.
    • While describing the CIP, Jim mentioned that it could be useful to look at the visions for the community within the original CIP from 2011 for inspirations for the mural
    • The Secondary plan comprises the hospital lands and surrounding properties
    • The vision identified by the community for the area was mixed use, “four corners” focused on South/Colborne
    • The Secondary plan was adopted in June 2014
    • The hospital lands being returned by the province to the city is what has driven the undertaking of this secondary plan
    • The city has put out a request for expressions of interest (EOIs) for the property
      • By law, the process needs to be confidential as it’s a real estate transaction
      • The city will review the EOIs and determine who is qualified, and is now seeing requests for proposals from those who are qualified to
      • They are targetting for Strategic Policies and Priorities Committee (Committee of the Whole) in July for administration to review the proposals
      • The information can’t be released until decision finalized, we will have some answers in the summer
    • LHSC is still in control of the property
      • They monitor the neighbourhood, were hoping to come out to this AGM but weren’t able to make it
    • Nancy Hamm indicated she received a letter indicating they will begin demolition early next year
    • Council had to decide what parts of the hospital to keep, the decision was made to keep Children’s War Memorial Hospital at Colborne/South and the Health Services Building at Waterloo/South
    • The Colborne building is remaining still, ideally it should be included with proposals from developers
    • Sandra Miller asked if buyers were to come forward for the buildings that are to be demolished, could they be retained
      • As per Jim, they would need to know by the time they issue the demolition tender, contract should be finalized by October, province will make final decision by Spring 2017
    • All EOIs are in
    • It’s unusual for a city to own this volume of land located this close to the core of the city and have this amount of control over the process
    • Angela discussed the importance of having as many people out to meetings as possible so that we can make sure that we have as much input as possible to the development of these lands.
    • Suggestions to get the word out – poster & newsletter
  • We are currently accepting expressions of interest to replace Laurie as Vice President
    • Laurie would remain as a member at large
    • Nancy suggested Deb martin
  • Jamie talked about our new google email system, allowing the executive to have @sohovillage.ca email addresses, which will convey more professionalism
  • The London Heritage Council along with the Culture Manager for the City of London would like to schedule a community consultation with SOHO Community Association in regards to the Simcoe School War Memorial Stone’s location selection.
    • Laurie will attend the meeting on our behalf and find out the options
  • Alice announced some upcoming community events.
    • Tomorrow at Carfrae Crescent park there is an unveiling of a plaque at 11am, directly behind labatts (hunts city mills)
    • The Boys & Girls Club is celebrating its 60th, May 27th from 11:30am-1pm.  There will be food trucks in their parking lot, public is welcome.  Inside the building will be a sundae bar
    • Alice also mentioned that Christine didn’t mention the reuse of the horton st. building, she had heard it will be a community woodworking shop (as per B&G club) – open for anyone in the community
  • June 18th is SoHo day
    • Multiple people having garage sales on the same day, we will hand out a map
    • It’s $5 to get your location on a map
    • We currently have 10-14 residents and 3 churches involved so far
    • Central location with maps & bbq – location tbd
    • Deadline June 1st to have your name on the map
    • Movie will be Madagascar
  • Barb botten from Byron came to talk about Villager publications
    • Thinking about doing a Soho villager magazine
    • Looking for support (events, etc) from the association
    • Will accept articles from the neighbourhood
    • Funded by advertising
    • It’s Monthly, looking at starting in July
  • Sandra Miller from ACO came to let us know they are here
    • The 43rd Geranium heritage house tour is coming up, in the Grosevnor neighbourhood.  It’s on Sunday June 5th from 1pm-5pm.  The walk starts at Victoria Carter London Dance Centre, 160 Sydenham street.  Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.  Tickets available at http://acolondon.ca.
  • Next meeting is June 15th
  • Nancy raised the issue of grass cutting on the vacant hospital properties, the hospital is falling behind
  • MOTION:  At 8:12pm, Delvis made a motion to adjourn, Nancy seconded, the motion passed.