An invitation from Theresa to join Meredith Park Orchard work bee on Tuesday evening:

Location: Meredith Park
When: Tuesday, August 27, 5 PM onwards

Please bring a garden fork, spade, buckets, a wheel barrel, family members and or neighbours. There will be tools available for sharing. 

We will do some minor weeding and application of 4” of wood chips out to the NEW growth drip line of trees.

This is a critical step in maintaining the health of our orchard. Otherwise low fruiting branches might and have been removed. As well tree trunks can and have been damaged by enthusiastic Parks’ staff using whipper snippers in their efforts to keep our park neat and tidy.

Meredith Park Orchard Species: apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry, jubjube, persimmon, paw paw, almond, heartnut, chestnut, pecan hazelnut, hascap and currant. 

Many hands make for light work and enjoyable experience, whereby we get to know one another just a bit more. 

Fresh & local orchard pickings are the best!