Meeting Minutes – November 19th, 2014

The SoHo Community Association met on November 19th, 2014 at 7:00pm at Maple View Terrace.


  • Elect a new President


  • Tracy Botten
  • Raymond Day
  • Gayle Doroshenko
  • Dan Doroshenko
  • Jennifer Woodward
  • Mark Woodward
  • Kathy Dunn
  • Cheri McLeod
  • Nancy Hamm
  • Tanya Park
  • Deb martin
  • Steve Bellyk
  • Jamie Edwards
  • Alex Thompson
  • Peter Karas


  • Nancy opened the meeting and introduced Jamie as the new secretary, herself as the treasurer.
  • Nancy introduced Cheri, Cheri is running for President and has a brief presentation
  • There was discussion on strategies to help save the Legion
    • Membership drive
    • Include in community newsletter
    • Post events on SoHo website
  • The association congratulated Tanya on her success as Councillor and tenure as President.
  • There was discussion on making a donation to the Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project
  • Jamie made a motion to donate $100 to the FSCPP, Jennifer seconded.  There was a vote and the motion was passed.
  • There was discussion on giving a “Thank You” gift to Judy Bryant
  • Jamie and Cheri volunteered to put together a certificate of recognition.  Dan will get it framed.
  • Jamie and Tanya will look into having the Mayor or Chief of Police present the certificate
  • Motion by Steve to acknowledge Judy Bryant’s contributions to the SoHo community by way of a certificate, seconded by Jennifer.  There was a vote and the motion was passed.
  • Cheri told us about a new tool available on the Police website so that you can see crime activity in your neighbourhood.  Cheri will put together some text and the link to it and forward to Jamie to post on the website.
  • Axl raised concerns with break-ins at the building remaining at the corner of Colborne/South.
  • Dan asked if we could set up a forum for open sharing of information online
  • Jamie volunteered and made a motion to set up a google group, with open sharing so that all members can openly post information.
  • Nancy made a motion to cancel the December meeting as it is close to Christmas, seconded by Jennifer.  The motion passed.
  • Nancy made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jamie.  The motion passed.