Monday, June 17, 2019, 7PM-8:15PM
Goodwill Industries (255 Horton Street West)
All Welcome

Call to Order, Welcome, and Introductions

Minutes for February 21, 2019

Financial Statement

Board Updates

  • Appreciation to everyone who contributed to organizing the April 27 clean up activities and fruit tree give away
  • Overhaul of website, newsletter, social media channels
  • Administrative housekeeping and updating the organization’s legal incorporation paperwork
  • Coordination and logistics for multi-year meeting schedule
  • Potential Western OServes temporary public art project on Saturday, September 7
  • Gauging interest in holding a neighbourhood-wide yard sale date
  • Neighbourhood-wide ‘bulletin’ (physical newsletter) to share all upcoming meeting dates and additional member editorial; call for submissions

Requiring Membership Vote

  • Appointment of Leia Beland (acting secretary) to the position of Secretary

Member Updates

      • Alice Saddy Association planned summer activities in Meredith Park, Waterloo Rain Garden adoption, and community event on August 25 (1-3 PM) at Meredith Park (Bethany Van Arnhem)
      • Neighbourhood Block Champions (Nancy Hamm)
      • Meredith Park orchard – species update, care, sustainability, and walking tour, identification & sampling of Saskatoon berries on July 13 (Meet outside at N’Amerind F.C. 260 Colborne St. at 2 PM; rain date July 14) (Teresa Rutten)
      • Ideas for feedback concerning the Civic Space: SoHo landscaping and design functions (Trish Taft)

Other Business