An Opinion Piece by Teresa Rutten

We are in changing times. No longer can we expect inexpensive & easily accessible energy sources. This is why supporting LOCAL is incredibly important. We are witnessing conflict across & between nations competing for non-renewable resources. As well as the avoidable consequences in polluting our air, land & waterways in the transportion of various items which were once produced & ARE frequently produced locally.

For those interested in RE-LOCALIZING food production, here is a list of exciting events and resources. Please add to the list in the comment section and share with residents in SoHo not on social media.

  • List of London’s Community Gardens & locations. There are plots available in SoHo’s Meredith Park!
  • Sat., March 7th from 8:15 am – 10 am – Fruit Tree Care Workshop – meeting next to Carling Heights Community Garden (see map in above link). We will be looking at mature trees, trees planted in 2014 & newly planted trees from London’s Neighbourhood Decision Making Process 2018.

Be sure to explore SoHo’s orchard in Meredith Park, which has the following species: apple, pear, peach, plum, persimmon, sweet and sour cherry, jubjube, almond, hazelnut, heartnut, pecan, paw paw, hascap & currant.

  • Sat., March 7th from 10 am – 3 pm There will be a variety of INSPIRATIONAL vendors, workshops & environmental groups on site.
  • Thurs., March 12 from 7 – 9 pm – Fruit Tree Maintenance – Gardening in the City 2020 – Central Library 1st Floor – Lawson Foundation Room
  • Sat., April 18th from 9:30-4:30 pm – Grow Wild Grow Green Expo – Western Fair Agriplex – 845 Florence St. Lots of INSPIRATIONAL vendors, workshops & environmental groups!
  • Sat. May 9th, 10 am in SoHo’s Meredith Park – via London’s Neighbourhood Decision Making Process – FREE Give Away of perennial fruit bearing plants (apple, pear, persimon, peach, apricot, goumi, gojji, haskap, gooseberry, currant, grape, hardy kiwi, raspberry & rhubarb.) Recipients of plants agree to nurture, share the harvest, attempt to propogate plants for sharing, share successes & challenges on Friends of Urban Agriculture and or Forage City London Fb., so as to optimize the harvest.

Our public library has a variety of excellent books and DVD’s to spark the imagination in creating healthy, diverse ecosystems, which feed humans and our stressed pollinators – Two of my favorites “Gaia’s Garden” written by Toby Hemenway & Food Not Lawns – How to turn your yard into a garden and your neighbourhood into a community by Heather C. Flores.

For those living in or within walking or cycling distance to SoHo, beginning the end of June or beginning of July i am happy to lead a “Family friendly harvesting of local FREE berries . Please email me, if you wish to take part.

Cheap energy has allowed us to access to diverse products from afar, yet it has also DESTROYED a local economy based on food production, processing & storage. By sourcing local & seasonal, we can re-build a local food economy and ensure greater access to healthy foods.

By Teresa Rutten
216 Waterlo St.