Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project – An Invitation to Give Us Your Two Cents Worth

image001What is it worth to you to save the Fugitive Slave Chapel?  This building constructed
about 1848 was slated for demolition, but an army arose to prevent that.  They came up with a plan but $65,000 is needed just to get the building moved to a safer place.  Much more will be needed for renovations and building a supporting infrastructure.  Over $20,000 has been raised so far, but as of the beginning of November 2013, we still need another $45,000 just to build a foundation and move the Chapel.

In the mid 1800’s the Chapel was a destination of the Underground Railroad, a system that helped fugitive slaves reach safer ground.  Being one of the oldest churches in London, it is an important landmark for Christian History.  Although it can’t be proven, stories have been passed down claiming the Abolitionist John Brown held a secret meeting in the Chapel in 1858.  He was trying to raise an army to fight for the freedom of the slaves.  In 1859 he seized the armouries at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.  This incident is regarded by many as one that triggered the Civil War in the USA.

In conducting research for a book about the Fugitive Slave Chapel, it was found that wages in the mid 1800’s were about One Dollar for a 12 hour day.  That means a common worker would work 14.4 minutes for 2 cents. If we translate what 2 cents was worth at the time the chapel was built to the equivalent in today’s money, we would come up with about $2.50.

The Fugitive Slave Chapel is important to many people and will be important to future
generations who are learning about the history of London, Canada and North America. Even if it is not important to you, don’t you think you could spare an 1848 “2¢” to make someone else happy?  That’s all we ask.  We only need 18,000 people to donate $2.50 and we would have enough to move the Chapel to a safer place.

The Fugitive Slave chapel was instrumental in saving many people from a life of misery. Now we need 18,000 people to save the chapel.

To make a donation online go to www.fscpp.ca

Donations can be dropped off at Delta’s Wedding and Party Planning, 389 Lyle St. London, Ontario. N5W 3R6

By Mail: Beth Emanuel Church, 430 Grey St. London, Ontario, N6B 1H3.
More information at www.fscpp.ca, email: info@fscpp.ca, phone:226-272-1363