At our last meeting, resident Nancy Hamm offered to help organize a local neighbourhood ‘block champions’ team. Who are block champions, exactly? They are simply residents who proactively volunteer do the following:

  • Make an intentional effort to get to know all the neighbours on their block or in their apartment building and compile a contact list for everyone
  • Take responsibility for reporting any suspicious activity on the block or in the building to the authorities, and make sure neighbours and fellow residents are kept up to date
  • Help get residents on the block or in the building connected with the rest of the neighbourhood (for example, invite them to neighbourhood meetings, let them know about this newsletter, etc)
  • Keep Nancy up-to-date on how things are going, so she, in turn, can update and share information with other block champions

If you would like to volunteer as a block champion for your street or apartment building, please email Nancy Hamm at and indicate your interest in getting involved.