The Antiquities Shoppe SoHo Landmark Threatened With Demolition

SoHo’s distinctive bright red frame building, longtime home to The Antiquties Shoppe, is threatened with demolition. The store, on the northwest corner of Wellington and Hill Streets (129 Wellington), has been a SoHo landmark for over 130 years. Antique dealers Bennett Grossman and Dan McLachlan rented the shop in 1978, painting the building its eye-catching […]

John Law: Bell Maker and Inventor

For $132,900, someone with a passion for history can purchase one of the treasures of SoHo’s past. That treasure is the aluminum-sided cottage at 121 Clarence Street, the long-time home of John Law. Law, a pioneer plumber, gas fitter, brass and bell founder and inventor, operated one of SoHo’s more interesting businesses. His final foundry […]