Agenda – September 16th, 2015


The SoHo Community Association will meet at 7pm, in the basement of Maple View Terrace

  • Introduction – Amelia Boak (Cheri McLeod) – Amelia has volunteered to assist us with social media, and has already produced some excellent promotional materials for our events.
  • City of London Active and Green Program (Pat Donnelly and Alex Meilutis) – At our last meeting, Pat joined us and we agreed to participate in the Active and Green program through the city.  Jamie Edwards had a further meeting with them to discuss the biggest concerns in the community.  Pat and Alex will be joining us this evening to speak further about the program and introduce their new “Project Neutral” tool that will soon be available for our neighbourhood to use.
  • Volunteers Needed (Cheri McLeod) – We need to grow our executive, possibly adding up to two members at large to assist with a variety of different initiatives.  We need to think about the future of the organization, seeking to ensure continuity at the end of Cheri’s term in December 2016.
  • SoHo Market Update (Cheri McLeod/Jamie Edwards) – An update on progress with the market and discussion of ideas for next year.
  • Jenny Jones Proposal (Cheri McLeod) – Jenny Jones, a local celebrity, is taking applications for a $130,000 grant.  Cheri has sent in a grant application in the form of a Youtube video!
  • Progress Update on Projects (Cheri McLeod) – Cheri will provide an update on all other projects the team is working on
  • Open Discussion
  • Adjournment (Before 9pm)