Agenda – March 16th, 2016

The SoHo Community Association

March 16th, 2016  – The London Roundhouse.

  1. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes
  2. “Four Corners” Light Feature – Voting has now been closed, Dark Forest Green was chosen by you as the colour of the light standards. – Jamie
  3. Market Update – Fundraising, Marketing Updates – Jamie
  4. Thames River Cleanup – Angela
  5. History Walk – Benjamin Vasquez
  6. SoHo Shindig Update – Nancy/Dan
  7. Sesquicentennial Celebrations – Canada’s 150th birthday is coming up next year, what would SoHo like to do to commemorate it? – Angela
  8. Open Discussion – At this point in the meeting, members/guests are free to bring forward any concerns they have.
  9. Adjournment