Agenda – February 17th, 2016

The SoHo Community Association

February 17th, 2016  – The London Roundhouse.

  1. “Four Corners” Light Feature – The city has reached out to us to ask our opinion on a coloured light feature to be installed at Colborne/South streets (referred to as the “Four Corners” mixed use area in the CIP). – Britt O’Hagan
  2. Update on SoHo Blues Shindig – Jamie/Angela
  3. Introduction to Pathways Mural Project – Jamie/Angela
  4. Market Update – Location options, decision on day of week. – Jamie
  5. Update on Director’s Insurance – Jamie
  6. Begin Planning “SoHo Day” – The community yard sale event we discussed the last meeting.  There may be an opportunity to work in additional events to that day.  We need to choose a date and make sure we don’t conflict with OEV. – Angela
  7. Libro Prosperity Fund – The deadline for this grant is approaching in March, it may be a great option for us to get additional funding for the Market. – Jamie/Nancy
  8. Open Discussion – At this point in the meeting, members/guests are free to bring forward any concerns they have.