Agenda – Annual General Meeting

The SoHo Community Association

Annual General Meeting

May 18th, 2016  – The London Roundhouse.  7:00PM

  1. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes
  2. Pathways Mural Project – Christine Dirks
  3. Financial Report – The treasurer will provide a financial update and the members will decide whether or not to appoint an auditor – Nancy Hamm
  4. Conversion of South and Grey to One Way Operation – City Traffic Planning
  5. Update on the Hospital Lands – Jim Yanchula, City Planning Division
  6. Expression of Interest for Board – Angela Lukach
  7. New SoHo Email Address  – – Jamie Edwards
  8. Simcoe School War Memorial Stone – Angela Lukach
  9. Announcements – Upcoming Community Events – Alice Gibb
  10. Open Discussion – At this point in the meeting, members/guests are free to bring forward any concerns they have.
  11. Adjournment