New board members James, Jessica, and Laurie, along with outgoing board members Angela and Nancy, have been busy transferring the administrative and legal paperwork for the association, as the leadership transition moves ahead.

We, the new board, have undertaken some initial efforts to update the website, newsletter, and social media platforms, in order to provide timely and consistent updates moving ahead.

There is, at present, no formal association meeting yet planned, as we are still hammering out a schedule. (In the mean time, we hope to see you at the Age Friendly London event, hosted by the Urban League, on Thursday, March 28, 7PM at Goodwill.) As we work on a schedule, we’d really love your input! Traditionally, the association has met monthly on Thursday evenings at 7PM. Is this time conducive for your involvement with the neighbourhood, given other family and work commitments? Please share your thoughts about scheduling association meetings with us at What would make it easiest, scheduling-wise, for you to be involved? We look forward to hearing from you!