SoHo Community Association


Welcome to the SoHo Community Association. We are an organization of engaged citizens dedicated to strengthening SoHo in London Ontario and promoting it as a great neighbourhood to live, work, and play in. We are run entirely by volunteers.

SoHo is located in the heart of London, Ontario, Canada. Conveniently located close to Downtown, SoHo is a very walkable community. We are home to several excellent restaurants and have a vibrant arts & culture community. SoHo is ethnically diverse and historically rich, we have an active heritage community and welcome people from all walks of life. SoHo – Discover Where the Heart is!

Agenda – September 15th, 2016

September 15th, 2016  – Childreach.

  1. Upcoming Grant Opportunities – Angela
  2. Hospital Lands Update – Angela
  3. Food Security and 2017 Market – Angela
  4. Membership Outreach – Angela
  5. Development of a Social Committee – Angela
  6. ReForest London Tree Blitz – Angela
  7. Open Discussion – At this point in the meeting, members/guests are free to bring forward any concerns they have.
  8. Adjournment